Wednesday, May 5, 2010

The Basics

I decided to post a tutorial on the first basic element of making beaded wire jewelry: the bead link. As soon as I learned how to make one of these, I never looked back!
In this tutorial, you will also see some very badly chipped grey nail polish: please ignore.

1. First things first. You will need a pair of flat nosed pliers, a pair of round nosed pliers, a bead, wire (here I am using 20 gauge), and a pair of wire cutters. The ones I use here are used for electrical other ones are around here somewhere...

2. Cut off a piece of wire a couple inches long. This will allow you to fit the bead and make your loops.

3. Fold about a quarter of an inch of the end of your wire at a right angle with your flat nose pliers.

4. Take your round nose pliers and grab the end of the wire. Start bending the wire back around and over. Continue until the end meets the wire. Loop one is finished!

5. Slide your bead down the wire until it hits the loop.

6. Make another right angle bend with your flat nose pliers on the other end of the bead. Cut off the excess.

7. Make another loop by bending the wire back around towards the bead. Viola! You have created a bead link! Connect your loops together before closing them to make a chain.

Not as hard as it looks, huh? =) More to come!



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